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Juan organizes talks – mainly with other men – to promote the importance of contraceptive use, and women and children's health in El Salvador.
Juana is a health promoter delivering care across four local villages. She receives a quarterly supply of contraceptives that she distributes at low prices to the women in her community.
The issues of sexual and reproductive health and contraceptive care are still taboo in many communities in El Salvador. Changing attitudes to improve the lives of individuals and families remain a vital focus. Volunteers like Elga remain integral to this process to bring about positive change for the future.
Inspired by her mother who had previously been a volunteer for 15 years, and in the absence of a local public health facility, Alicia decided to become a Pro-Familia volunteer to support her community.
To ensure her clients’ confidentiality, Blanca has created a private room with a sofa where she provides counselling and administers injectable contraceptive methods. By creating a private space, Blanca has built up trust in the community and women prefer to go to her for contraception and advice.
Dr Ratni is a fearless doctor, doting mother, and selfless volunteer. She is currently a member of an emergency response following a devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia.
Fiona, 28, joined the Jamaica Family Planning Association (FAMPLAN) Lenworth Jacobs Clinic in 2017 as a volunteer through a one-year internship with the Jamaica Social Investment Fund. “I was placed to be a youth officer, which I never had any ...
As a recent college graduate with a passion for sexual and reproductive rights, Mario was looking for opportunities to gain experience. That's when he came across the Jamaica Family Planning Association Youth Advocacy Movement.
Candice, 18, joined the Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) when she was 15 after being introduced to the group by the Jamaica Family Planning Association’s (FAMPLAN) youth officer, Fiona. Sharing knowledge with peers Initially, Candice, saw YAM as a space where ...
Dr McKoy has committed his life to ensuring equality of healthcare provision for women and men at the Jamaica Family Planning Association (FAMPLAN). Expanding contraceptive choice Returning to Jamaica from his overseas medical studies in the 1980s, Dr McKoy was ...