IPPF has zero tolerance of fraud of any type or in any circumstances, whether carried out by volunteers, staff, contractors, partners or clients. 

Fraud against IPPF depletes funds intended for the accomplishment of programme delivery, undermines effective functioning and jeopardises sustainable development by diverting donor contributions. 

Fraud in favour of IPPF affects our reputation and ability to attract ethical donations. 

Vigorous and prompt investigations will be carried out into all cases of actual or suspected fraud discovered or reported.

You can report fraud via IPPF Safe Report. This process follows the reporting principles as set out in the IPPF Whistle blowing Policy and your confidentiality and safety are assured. 

You can make a report anonymously, but this is not encouraged because it makes further investigation difficult and could facilitate malicious allegations which it would be wrong for IPPF to pursue.

To make a report please include the following details:

  1. WHO is engaged in the alleged act of fraud/wrongdoing? Provide name, functional title, contact details etc.
  2. WHAT happened? Please provide the details of the alleged act of fraud/wrongdoing. Be as precise as possible
  3. WHEN was the fraud/wrongdoing committed? 
  4. WHERE was the fraud/wrongdong committed?
  5. HOW was the fraud/wrongdoing perpetrated? For example, were any check, procedures or safeguards circumvented or violated to perpetrate the act(s)? 
  6. To your knowledge, WHY were the acts undertaken by the person who allegedly committed the fraud/wrongdoing? 
  7. Is there any specific evident (e.g documentation, witnesses) that you are aware of? How can they be located or contacted? 
  8. Please provide contact details through which you would appreciated/feel most comfortable being contacted by IPPF.