IPPF’s annual budget – which it distributes to Member Associations and devotes to specific projects and campaigns - is over US$125 million.

IPPF’s financial statements provide detailed audited information on the organization’s activities. These include: an executive summary; the annual report of the Governing Council; the report of the independent auditors to the Governing Council; statement of financial activities; balance sheets; cash flow statement; and notes to the financial statements. 

The organization and its Member Associations have a duty to provide detailed, accurate, transparent and up-to-date financial statements to funders, partners, employees and beneficiaries.


IPPF is funded through a mix of institutional and individual donations. Institutions include governments, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, corporations, trusts and foundations. The Federation also benefits enormously from funds donated by individuals via bequests, trusts, annuities and regular giving.

IPPF honours the exceptional commitment shown by all its supporters, at every level. Their commitment enables Member Associations around the world to deliver essential sexual and reproductive health services. And it is their belief in IPPF which ensures that the organization is able to promote the central principle which underpins all its work. The principle that sexual and reproductive health and rights are a fundamental human right.