IPPF’s structure is wholly democratic. The voices of individual volunteers shape decision-making at the highest levels of governance. This is thanks to a carefully designed governance structure which follows a rigorous Code of Good Governance, which in turn is subject to strict accreditation, monitoring and evaluation standards.


IPPF is made up of national member organizations, called 'Member Associations', each of which operates within countries, across regions and/or internationally. Each Member Association belongs to 1 of 6 IPPF Regions. Each Member Association has an elected governing body made up of volunteers.

Representatives from each Member Association attend their annual Regional Council. Each Regional Council then elects 4 representatives to IPPF’s biannual Governing Council meeting. The Governing Council is the highest governing body of IPPF, and is supported by senior staff as required.

The Governing Council receives, discusses and approves financial and audit reports, and has ultimate responsibility for overviewing, developing and agreeing IPPF’s strategy, policy and priorities. 


Code of Good Governance

The IPPF Code of Good Governance prescribes how the Governing Council should operate. It sets out the standards of delivery expected in relation to the organization’s strategic direction; appointing key personnel; monitoring and reviewing performance; and overseeing the Federation’s financial health. The Governing Council is open, responsive and accountable, and is charged with ensuring its own review and renewal.