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Association Ivoirienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial

The Association Ivoirienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial (AIBEF) was founded in 1979.

The population of the Ivory Coast suffers from a litany of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) problems common to many countries on the continent: frighteningly high rates of maternal death, early pregnancies, child mortality and HIV prevalence, coupled with very low rates of contraceptive use. Additionally, instances of female genital mutilation (FGM) are frequent and the SRH and psychological repercussions that the practice presents are severe.

The Association Ivoirienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial (AIBEF) was founded in 1979. It works closely with the National Population Bureau in the planning and implementation of the National Population Policy and the National Youth Policy. The government and legislators have called on the organization for advice and counsel because it is the one of the most experienced organizations in the field and has unparalleled expertise drawn from ground level experience.

To complement and expand its scope, AIBEF partners with a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including the Futures Group, Pathfinder International, the Population Council, John Hopkins University, John Snow International, Columbia University and Family Health International. Major donors include the European Union, IPPF’s Japan Trust Fund, The Global Fund Against TB and Malaria, Alliance International and the World Bank. Additionally, it partners with Collectif des ONG de Lutte contre le Sida en Côte d’Ivoire and RIOF – national networks whose primary objective is to increase SRH capacity.



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