Young people talk #SexEd on Twitter

young people from MAJ Benin taking part to IPPF Twitter Chat

To celebrate the Day of the Girl and to mark the publication of two resources on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, IPPF organised a Twitter Chat inviting young people to share their opinions and experience of sexuality education.

The response was overwhelming: more than 150 people from all over the world took part in an intense conversation in three languages on sex education, with a special focus on gender equality and girls' empowerment.

As IPPF often highlighted, school rarely provides young people with the information they need:

Still, young people strongly feel that an open discussion about sex and pleasure is necessary, because it helps open the way to understand consent and equality in relationships:

Not only do young people want to have sex education, they want and need to shape the CSE programmes, in many different and creative ways: have you ever thought about music to share sexual health information? They did!

We closed the conversation talking about the need for (and lack of) gender equality in education: everyone agrees that to be comprehensive, sexuality education must be equal, and we should also work on that direction.

One hour was not sufficient to give space to everyone in a conversation that could have lasted days, but it was enough to reach more than 313,000 people with CSE messages and to give more proof that young people want, need, and fight for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. What are we waiting for?