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Get Up Speak Out for Youth Rights!

A five-year programme (2016-2020) to empower all young people, especially girls and young women, to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

A five-year programme (2016-2020) that aimed to empower all young people, specially girls and young women, to realise their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

GUSO united over 40 partner organisations through seven country alliances in Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan and Uganda. It was developed by a Consortium composed by: IPPF, Rutgers, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Dance4Life, Simavi and Aidsfonds, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

GUSO built on the previous achievements and learning, specially from the UFBR (2011-2015) and ASK (2013-2015) programmes.

Social Accountability Mobile Guide

Using Community Score Cards to Improve Services

You can learn how to use community score cards to effectively engage people to understand, assess, and demand their rights to services in their community through a 10-minute Ready-to-Go Mobile-Guide.

The guide is for program managers and leaders to promote social accountability from service providers to service users. It provides guidance on designing and implementing score cards for service users and service providers to assess the availability, accessibility, and quality of services and to develop action plans towards improving such services. 

It was designed by IPPF in collaboration with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, specifically for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to support learners on the go.

Available at disasterready.org

You can also download this manual focused on Youth-led Social Accountability on SRHR services.

Abortion Matters course on Disaster Ready

A free, online course that covers all the basics of abortion, to increase your confidence and ability to raise awareness and advocate for safe abortion. This is a ready-made tool for team inductions and projects’ inception.

An updated version (2020) includes animated short videos to learn about the two types of safe abortion: medical and surgical; specific reference to gender as it relates to abortion; guidance on abortion in humanitarian settings; Trans-inclusive abortion services; Disability Inclusion in Abortion and Contraceptive Care and much more. This was developed with the Youth Abortion Stigma programme.

Available at disasterready.org