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Human rights victory for intersex persons

Geneva, 4 April - The International Planned Parenthood Federation celebrates the historic adoption of the first ever United Nations resolution on the human rights of intersex persons!

Geneva, 4 April - The International Planned Parenthood Federation celebrates the historic adoption of the first ever United Nations resolution on the human rights of intersex persons! This landmark resolution advances efforts to combat the unique human rights violations that intersex persons face and the obligation of states to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of all people, without discrimination of any kind.  

The resolution, Combating Discrimination, Violence, and Harmful Practices against Intersex Persons, was adopted by a vote of 24 in favor and 23 abstentions, with no votes against it. The resolution acknowledges that intersex people exist in all societies and face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination in all areas of life. It specifically expresses grave concern about violence and harmful practices that intersex persons face, including children, including unnecessary or deferrable medical interventions made without full, free and informed consent. The resolution calls on states to combat violence, discrimination and harmful practices against intersex people, address the root causes such as stereotypes and stigma, and work to realize intersex people’s human right to health. This is a major advancement in the work of the Human Rights Council to ensure all people can exercise their human rights free from violence and discrimination. 

Critically, intersex people and organizations were involved in every step of this initiative, including through powerful interventions in negotiations. IPPF applauds Finland, Chile, South Africa and Australia for championing a resolution which centered the priorities, terminology and lived experiences of intersex persons themselves. IPPF is proud to have worked in solidarity with civil society partners and Member States through evidence-based information, outreach and strategy in order to achieve success in this ground-breaking to guarantee the human rights of intersex persons. 

Estelle Wagner, IPPF’s Senior International Advocacy Adviser in Geneva said: “The fact that not a single Member State voted against this resolution demonstrates the overwhelming global support for the human rights of intersex persons. This is a momentous achievement of the intersex community and we are so proud to stand in solidarity at this historic moment.” 

As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing LGBTQI+ rights, IPPF is committed to continuing to fight for intersex people’s human rights at every level, from the UN to the local, to guarantee their right to live free from violence and discrimination.


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