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IPPF Statement on RSF Attacks Against Sudan Family Planning Association Health Facilities

We condemn the multiple attacks in Khartoum and Elfashir against clinics and health centres run by our local Member Association, the Sudanese Family Planning Association.

Statement from Dr Alvaro Bermejo, IPPF Director General:

The International Planned Parenthood Federation condemns the multiple attacks in Khartoum and Elfashir (North Darfur) against clinics and health centers run by the Sudanese Family Planning Association (SFPA) between 7-9 September.

Unprovoked attacks against the health facilities in South Khartoum (Elshik Wad Hamad) and in Elfashir City (Aboshok Clinic) have destroyed the infrastructure of the facilities, injured clients and staff, and interrupted the delivery of the most needed health services for vulnerable people of Sudan, especially women and girls of reproductive age. 

These attacks, just like the previous attacks against health facilities and medical professionals since the outbreak of violence in the country began on 15 April, will prolong the suffering of the Sudanese people.

IPPF requests the protection of civilians and civilian institutions, especially healthcare facilities, to ensure the provision of healthcare and the basic humanitarian necessities for the Sudanese people.

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About the Sudan Family Planning Association

The Sudan Family Planning Association (SFPA) was established in 1965 by pioneers in obstetrics and gynecology in response to increases in maternal, neonatal and infant mortality and morbidity. As the statistics show, Sudan is a country in great need of frontline sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services. Advocacy, and undertaking information, education and communication (IEC) programs are critical. In 2022, SFPA provided 26 millions of services through 24 clinics, 261 associated clinics, and 37 mobile clinics . Since the start of the crisis in 15th April; the association teams was successful in providing 2,500,000 services through 24 SFPA facilities and 8,500,000 services through non damaged associated and mobile clinics. SFPA was able to assist 1145 deliveries under bombarding and provided 167000 treatments of HIV in its static clinics.





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