IPPF pays tribute to Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood of America

Cecile Richards, PPFA president. credits: PPFA
On behalf of the whole International Planned Parenthood Federation family, I would like to pay tribute to the wonderful work done by Cecile Richards in her 12 years as President of Planned Parenthood of America.
IPPF rests on the foundations of its member associations and inspiring leaders, and no-one has done more to advance the cause of sexual and reproductive health and rights than Cecile.
Cecile’s energy, passion and sense of justice has been driven by a single cause- to ensure that every individual receives the best reproductive health care, no matter what. 
Her leadership, strength and belief has helped Planned Parenthood to reach new heights through their movement building and efforts to ensure reproductive rights means access for all. 
Cecile is a strong and fearless woman, one from whom all of us from across IPPF will continue to draw inspiration from. 


Rosemary Gillespie

Interim Director General



Photo credit: PPFA