Japan and IPPF take actions together for realizing society where every woman shines

Japan's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Odawara, with Director General of IPPF

14 December 2016, Tokyo - IPPF attended the World Assembly of Women (WAW!) 2016, which was held in Tokyo on 13-14 December, and made a case that Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is fundamental for women’s empowerment, and universal health coverage cannot be achieved without universal reproductive health coverage. 

At the WAW conference, Japan’s Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe said women’s voices are not prioritised in crisis. The international community was not allowed to leave the issue of sexual violence under crisis, he added. Mr Abe stressed that under crisis situations, the international response will be improved remarkably if women’s perspectives are fully incorporated into it. At the same time it is matter of life and death to improve maternal and child health. The international community needs to take action on these issues and give hope to people affected, to build a future together. 

Tewodros Melesse, Director General of IPPF, said:

‘Poor is the women whose happiness depends on the approval of others.  From birth, every women has rights to shine. A comprehensive approach, where empowered women make their own decisions, is the key to ensuring no woman is left behind’ 

Tewodros Melesse also had a meeting with H.E. Mr Odawara, Japan’s Parliamentary Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mr Odawara said that the Japanese Government highly appreciated IPPF’s activities to respond to women’s needs by closely working with Japan. Mr Melesse raised the issue of global uncertainty, which could give a serious impact on IPPF’s activities to protect women’s health, rights and lives, and requested Japan’s further assistance and continuing strong leadership in the SRHR area.