The launch of SafeAccess - the first digital platform of its kind to help eliminate unsafe abortion

safe access

A cross-partner coalition, led by IPPF, Marie Stopes International, IpasPSI and SAAF, launch SafeAccess, the first digital platform of its kind, working to eliminate unsafe abortion by putting evidence-based guidance in the hands of frontline practitioners and policy makers.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, almost half of all abortions that will occur this year, an estimated 25 million, will be unsafe. It’s predicted that seven million women and girls will suffer devastating injuries and over 22,000 will die. The World Health Organization states  that almost every single one of these deaths could be prevented.

Through sexuality education, contraception, and the provision of safe, legal abortion and post-abortion care, no woman or girl should die for the right to determine her own future. Yet, from the southern states of America to sub-Saharan Africa, we see every day that people are having their right to access reproductive healthcare denied.

With the recent expansion of the Mexico City Policy (also known as the Global Gag Rule) and in the face of an emboldened opposition, five of the world’s largest sexual and reproductive healthcare providers are standing together in support of a woman’s right to safe abortion. Recognising the challenge ahead, IPPF, Marie Stopes International, Ipas, PSI and Safe Abortion Action Fund are launching SafeAccess: an online platform sharing briefs, infographics, videos, toolkits and more, on what quality safe abortion and post-abortion care programming looks like worldwide, how to remove barriers to access and expand safe services.

As a coalition of the largest sexual and reproductive health organizations worldwide, the hub will host valuable resources alongside previously unpublished lessons on what works, to support frontline practitioners and policy makers to expand access to life-saving services.

In a joint statement launching SafeAccess, the CEOs of IPPF, Marie Stopes International, Ipas, PSI and SAAF shared:

“As part of our commitment to both sharing our knowledge and to a more collective approach, Marie Stopes International, IPPF, Ipas, PSI and SAAF are delighted to launch the SafeAccess Hub. As implementing organisations, we share our own learnings on what works, with the hope that those on the frontline can use these lessons to expand access to life-saving services.

“With growing opposition to reproductive rights, it is more important than ever that our community comes together in support of a woman’s right to safe abortion. It is time to remove barriers to access, to put women at the centre of reproductive health programmes and to finally eliminate unsafe abortion, together.”