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Civil Society Welcomes CPD Political Declaration

International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Coalition (ISRRC) statement on the adoption of the Political declaration by the Commission on Population and Development.

The International Sexual and Reproductive Rights Coalition (ISRRC) celebrates the 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of Action (ICPD PoA) and the outcomes of its reviews and its transformative impact on the lives of women, adolescents, girls, and structurally excluded groups across all regions. The ISRRC members have, for the last thirty years, been implementing the PoA, directly impacting gender equality, human rights, and the sexual and reproductive lives of women, adolescents, and girls in all their diversity around the world. We celebrate the contributions and role of civil society, feminist and women’s movements and youth-led organizations in advancing the ICPD agenda. Our efforts have led to significant reductions in maternal mortality rates, increased access to reproductive health services, and improved gender equality in many communities. 

Three decades ago, world leaders made a groundbreaking declaration, recognizing sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights as human rights. The ICPD PoA has not only transformed lives but remains a pertinent solution to today's complex problems. The world has evolved since 1994, presenting unprecedented uncertainties and multiple crises. In this context, the ICPD PoA is not just a historical document but a living agenda that demands immediate action and continuous advancement to address the intricacies of today's global challenges.  

The Political Declaration adopted at the 57th session of the Commission on Population and Development is a step towards ensuring accelerated action on the ICPD PoA, including its unfinished business. By reaffirming their commitment to the full implementation of the PoA and the follow-up to international and regional commitments, Member States are recommitting themselves to fulfilling sexual and reproductive rights for all and ensuring access to SRH services for young persons and adolescents, among other relevant issues. The inclusion of 'human rights for all', 'gender equality', and 'the empowerment of all women and girls' in the Political Declaration serves as a poignant reminder of the areas that demand immediate attention. The Political Declaration urges further action to scale up financing for sustainable development and references the right to development.

The Political Declaration, just adopted by the CPD, stresses the interlinkages of the ICPD with 'relevant multilateral processes.' We call on Member States to bring the ICPD's goals and objectives to relevant multilateral platforms, in particular, the Summit of the Future and its outcomes. We welcome the contributions of additional ICPD+30 fora, including the Cotonou Global Youth Dialogue Call to Action and the Oslo Statement of Commitment from the 8th Inter Parliamentary Conference on the Implementation of the ICPD. We urge Member States to act now, emphasizing accountability for the ICPD agenda and its impact on the lives of women, adolescents, and girls in all their diversity.



IPPF co-convenes the ISRRC, a cross-regional coalition of more than 100 civil society organizations from around the world, along with Countdown 2030 Europe, Red por la Salud de las Mujeres, Ipas, FEMNET, and ARROW.