Director General responds to Trump victory US presidential election


Tewodros Melesse, IPPF Director General, has responded to the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

Mr Melesse said:

“IPPF fights for the rights of women and girls, everywhere. As a Federation we will stand together and raise our voices even louder. We support our friends at Planned Parenthood in their determination to offer health care to millions of American women and ensure that access to abortion remains safe and legal.

“The US is a global leader on family planning and the biggest donor in the world, through the work of USAID. That is a proud record, stretching back 55 years. Any dollar cut from US international family planning and reproductive health programs affects the lives of some of the poorest women and children around the world.”  

“IPPF calls on President-elect Donald Trump to respect the fight for women’s rights and reproductive health and rights, nationally and globally.”

“At one point in the campaign, President-elect Trump said that no-one had more respect for women than him. We very much hope that he will honor that by upholding a woman's right to safe and legal abortion and through his support for America’s international programs which aim to give millions of women around the world a better life.”