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IPPF Celebrates the Launch of the HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto

The African Women Prevention Community Accountability Board has launched the Choice Manifesto, which prioritises women and girls' right to choose which HIV prevention methods work for them.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation congratulates the African Women Prevention Community Accountability Board for launching the HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto

IPPF is in full support of the Choice Manifesto, which prioritizes the principle of choice to ensure that women and girls have the right to choose which HIV prevention methods work for them.The Choice Manifesto was driven by the African Women Prevention Community Accountability Board, which is made up of diverse voices of African women and girls, feminists and HIV prevention advocates across Southern and Eastern Africa.  

Choice matters. As outlined in the Choice Manifesto, for the first time in the history of the HIV epidemic, it is possible to build a prevention programme centered around choice - including oral PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), the Dapivirine vaginal ring, injectable Cabotegravir, and condoms, with straightforward language about risks and benefits, and supportive counseling in selecting options that meet an individual’s needs. In order for women and girls to truly have choice about what works for them as they navigate different stages and circumstances of their lives, policy makers, donors, governments and implementers must ensure the mix of HIV prevention methods are available, accessible, and affordable.  

African women and girls need to be at the center and forefront of research and decisions about access to products that are safe and effective. Research for new products needs to prioritise additional systemic and non-systemic options, including Multi-Purpose Prevention Technologies (MPTs) that will protect against unintended pregnancy, STIs and HIV. 

IPPF is committed to providing the fullest possible range of integrated, affordable, and quality sexual and reproductive health care. Our new five-year strategy, Come Together, focuses on expanding choice. In support of this, we recently launched a special programme to expand our HIV prevention options, which aims to integrate the newest HIV prevention methods – the vaginal ring and injectable PrEP - into our comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.  

Together with other global stakeholders, IPPF will work to ensure that choice in HIV prevention is a reality for women and girls as we work towards a future free of HIV in Africa and beyond.

Read more about the launch on the UNAIDS website.

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HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto

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