IPPF deeply condemns the US administration's decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization


The International Planned Parenthood Federation deeply condemns the United States of America administration’s decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WHO is the world’s preeminent global health body, providing policies and guidance on rigorous scientific evidence, and invaluable technical support for countries around the world since its establishment in 1948, and thus assisting countries in fulfilling the right to health for all.

At a time when international solidarity and partnership are crucial, withdrawing critical funding from the United Nations body leading the global response to the pandemic is an unconscionable decision which will only hurt those most in need around the world. In particular, the impact will harm women and girls, marginalized and vulnerable populations, and frontline health workers the hardest by hindering the WHO’s ability to support national health systems around the world with urgent guidance commodities, support and equipment necessary for their response to this extraordinary pandemic.

As Dr Alvaro Bermejo, IPPF Director-General says:

“This decision comes at the worst possible time and will impact us all. The response to COVID-19, as to any future pandemic, requires international collaboration and science, not scapegoating.”

IPPF strongly urges the U.S. Government to reconsider this decision and calls on all governments to step up their support to this vital body in this time of crisis.