IPPF recognised as very high scorer in Global 50/50 Report 2020

women sit outside a clinic in Nepal

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has been recognised as a high scorer in the 2020 Global 50/50 Report – a review of the equality and gendered-related policies and practices of 200 global organisations active in health and health policy.

IPPF is one of 13 organisations and one of just three NGOs recognised in the report as a very high scorer over the four areas assessed: commitment to gender equality, gender equality and diversity policies at work, gender and geography of gender health leadership and gender responsive of health policy and programmes.

Seri Wendoh, IPPF Senior Technical Advisor, Gender, said: 

“We are delighted that IPPF has been recognised for the progress it has made in its gender related policies and practices. To be ranked as a very high scorer by the Global 50/50 2020 Report is testament to the hard work and determination of so many people across IPPF to make sure that it truly is an organisation with a clear and evolving commitment to gender equality. It is no more than we should do though. We cannot be advocates for gender global without practising it ourselves.”

Manuelle Hurwitz, IPPF Director of Institutional Delivery said: 

“This is a great tribute to the work done inside IPPF and we are very pleased to see that work rewarded in this way. We know though that we can do more, both as a secretariat and as a federation.”

IPPF Director General Dr Alvaro Bermejo said: 

“IPPF is very pleased to be highlighted for leading by example, but that cannot be enough. The 50/50 Report makes clear how much there is to be done across the health sector. IPPF cannot stand still and it will not stand still. We are impatient to improve ourselves, and to see improvements across the world.

Only last week UNDP released a Gender Social Norms Index which revealed there is still not a single country in the world with gender equality. Not one. How can that not be a crisis, in 2020?  We have to do everything we can to fight for gender equality everywhere.”