IPPF Statement on racial injustice

a black square

The International Planned Parenthood Federation believes that there is no reproductive justice without racial justice.

IPPF stands with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour everywhere in demanding an end to racialized systems of oppression, and an end to the killing. IPPF demands that perpetrators be held responsible for their actions. 

Injustice and inequity define the lives of those governed by racist institutions continuing to uphold white supremacy.

It leaves people poor, marginalised, disenfranchised and defenceless against authorities unable and unwilling to change.

Power systems like this made it possible for George Floyd to be murdered. They make it possible for women and girls to be robbed of their human rights by coercive forces determined to control them. 

Racism is an issue that demands deep interrogation and introspection especially for those born with racial privilege. 

IPPF is with all those demanding change. IPPF is with all those demanding to be treated with dignity and with humanity. And IPPF is with all those who want to live in peace, free from fear, violence and coercion.