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IPPF has been serving women and girls for 60 years


Celebrating over 60 years of service delivery

For over 60 years, IPPF has been at the vanguard of the family planning movement, championing and fighting for rights‑based, voluntary family planning worldwide. 

For over 60 years, IPPF has been at the vanguard of the family planning movement, championing and fighting for rights‑based, voluntary family planning worldwide. 

Family planning nurse answering questions at a meeting. Nigeria, 1969
Student nurses at a training session. c1969
Women paying for their contraceptives at the Habiba hospital. Iraq
Pregnant women receiving a pre-natal check up at a clinic in Katwe. Uganda, 1970.
Family planning health workers giving a talk to a local community on contraception. Ghana, 1976
Distributing condoms at a lottery kiosk in Accra. Ghana, 1976
A community outreach officer visiting a local village. Ghana, c1978
Contraceptive counter at the family planning clinic in Kathmandu. Nepal, 1979
A mother and child at the Cubuk family planning clinic. Turkey, 1978
Margaret George, one of two GPPA community outreach workers, outside her shop which distributes contraception to the local community. Grenada, 1982
Community outreach worker visiting a father and his children. Haiti, 1983.
Health workers at the family planning clinic running a session on types of contraceptive methods. Cyprus, 1985
Shamva farm mobile clinic. Zimbabwe, 1986
Profamilia staff explains family planning methods to young mothers on the outskirts of Bogota. Colombia, c1986
Young man buying contraception supplied by the BFPA to a local supermarket in St James. Barbados 1987
Mobile health clinic in a slum area. Turkey, 1988.
Juliette Simon, counsellor, talking with the owner of a local village hairdessers who is also a community distributor for contraception. St Lucia, 1994
Okyese Youth Advisory Centre near Cape Coast. Ghana, 1994
Beaha refugee camp; woman and baby visiting community outreach worker Sarah Andok. Ghana, 1994
PFPPA staff at the clinic in the West Bank holding an information session on family planning. Palestine, 1995
Young woman receiving the injectable contraceptive at a mobile clinic. Ethiopia, 2005.
Anishia welcomes clients at RHU's Gulu Clinic. Uganda, 2016
Young woman receiving Sayana Press at a PPFN clinic. Nigeria, 2016.
We provide 300 services a minute, globally, providing access to family planning to reduce maternal mortality rates.
In humanitarian crises, we engage our youth volunteers to help us continue serving other young people.
By investing in women and girls, the results can be transformational for them, their families and their communities.
In Vanuatu, we're meeting the high unmet need for family planning. This empowers women to decide when and if, they have children.
We put young people front and centre with our extensive network of youth volunteers.
Through our global advocacy we fight for policy changes that empower women.
Access to good sexual and reproductive health is a basic human right and can save lives.
Lillian Lamunu from Uganda has Sickle Cell Disease. She came to RHU's Gulu clinic to get tubal ligation. She explained, "I want tubal ligation. No more children, I am struggling to care for the six children I already have."
Our global network of specially trained staff provides comprehensive services to the most marginalized women and girls. We never turn anyone away because of inability to pay.



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