Data Management Strategy and Implementation Plan

IPPF’s first ever Data Management Strategy results from an extensive and participatory collaboration to ensure that it is guided by and aims to meet the needs of all data stakeholders across the Federation. It serves as a statement of principles for data management for IPPF, and with a detailed implementation plan, provides a guide to action. The strategy describes how all institutional data will be governed, sets out processes to improve and maintain data quality, and addresses how data can be accessed and used to its full potential by all data stakeholders.

With a clear vision, six values and four result areas (Data Governance, Quality, Access and Use), the strategy highlights the value of data as a critical asset for the Federation in achieving the Expected Results outlined in IPPF’s Strategic Framework 2016-2022. It also shows how all data managers and users can work more effectively and efficiently by collecting, storing, translating and using institutional data for internal decision-making as well as being vital to our donors and stakeholders, so that we can be held accountable and also promote the important work being done by IPPF across the globe.