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IMAP Statement on DHI for SRHR

Evidence shows that Digital Health Interventions (DHIs) can increase awareness of SRH information and services, facilitate access to in-person and virtual services, and support various self-care practices.

IPPF understands that DHIs can bridge gaps between formal and community-based models of SRH service delivery and offer unique benefits such as accessibility, privacy, anonymity, linkages to the health system and opportunities for continuous programme monitoring and evaluation.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of DHIs in SRH care globally, and these are becoming part of the spectrum of SRH service delivery options, complementary to in-person and self-care options.

This statement addresses the key attributes for providing safe, quality, accessible person-centered care, and ultimately fulfilling clients’, including women's and girls' right to SRH care when, where, and how they choose to.

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IMAP Statement on DHI for SRHR

IMAP Statement on DHI for SRHR


IMAP Statement on DHI for SRHR