IPPF Code of Good Governance

This Code of Good Governance was developed by a Task Force set up to strengthen volunteering and governance in IPPF. The 7 principles included in the Code represent good practice in governance and should be upheld and promoted by all individuals serving on governing bodies of all IPPF Member Associations, Regional Offices and Secretariat.

Good governance is not an end in itself, but is central to ensuring that the organization is in a position to pursue its mission not only today but also in the future. This requires strategic thinking, leadership, courage and care. IPPF is convinced that by fully applying these principles in practice, the federation will make the movement stronger and more effective.

To govern well is not something learned once and remember for always: it is an ongoing effort which requires constant attention. Adherence to the principles in the Code will help to strengthen the communities in which Member Associations work, and will contribute to a stronger and more accountable civil society.