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IPPF Policy on Sex Work

The IPPF Sex Work Policy makes clear our position and commitments with regards to sex work.

The IPPF Sex Work Policy makes clear the position and commitments of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) with regards to sex work. This is the first time IPPF has taken a position on sex work, and presents human rights-based values and principles which apply broadly to all contexts, without being prescriptive about approaches or actions.

It aims to provide a framework to guide IPPF’s programming, service delivery and advocacy, and is based on sex workers’ lived experiences in all their diversity. It is rooted in positions taken by sex worker-led organizations and networks across the world, and in documents that IPPF has discussed and published in the last few years, particularly Sexual Rights: An IPPF declaration Member Associations (MAs) of IPPF are encouraged to use the policy as guidance to be integrated into their commitment to respect, protect and advance the rights of sex workers throughout their activities, advocacy and policies, as relevant to their strategic goals and national contexts. 


IPPF Sex Worker Policy

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Politique de l'IPPF sur le travail du sexe

Política de IPPF sobre trabajo sexual

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