A Road to Transform IPPF - Secretariat business plan

IPPF has developed a new comprehensive Business Plan as a clear roadmap to accelerate delivery of its Strategic Framework (2016-2022).

The goal is to boost performance by closing delivery gaps, unleashing capabilities throughout the Federation, and changing the organisation’s culture. It identifies six areas where we most need to improve and where we need to intensify efforts in order to achieve the Strategic Framework targets. 

In early 2018, IPPF created solution teams to design initiatives to close gaps in each of the six solution areas. Representatives from all six teams came together with technical staff to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, ensuring that key cross-cutting issues –  gender equality, vulnerable populations and young people – were integrated. The process was highly participatory and inclusive, involving Member Associations (MAs), the Secretariat, donors and partners. 

The Business Plan was launched in mid-March 2019 and will provide impetus to deliver the targets put forward in the Strategic Framework. IPPF’s approach is evolving to become more MA-centric with the Secretariat playing a key role as an architect of cooperation. The Business Plan identifies areas where an MA can provide the support and technical assistance needed to bring other MAs up to speed.