Vision 2020 Manifesto

In 2000 the United Nations launched the Millennium Development Goals. The world agreed to take action against poverty. Although progress has been made, we are still far from eradicating poverty. 

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are central to this vision. Sustainable development and gender equality will be achieved when everyone has access to sexual and reproductive health, the right to bodily integrity, and control over all matters related to their sexuality.

Millions of lives have been saved and changed through reproductive health services. In many regions, laws and policies are in place to protect reproductive rights and prevent discrimination against women and girls.  However, despite these advances there are still challenges: global funding for SRHR has decreased radically while 222 million women and girls world-wide still lack access to the contraceptives they want to use. 

The next few years will see the creation of a new development framework. This presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to secure a world of justice, choice and well-being for all. Ultimately, it will lead to sustainable development. 

IPPF is inviting partners and supporters in the development community and beyond to make these goals a reality in every community around the world. 

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