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Pro Familia is the country’s leading sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) organization. It delivers a range of SRH services through 182 clinics, including counselling in fertility regulation, interpersonal relationships, sexuality and violence, sexuality and disability, and women’s health issues. 

Pro Familia is active in sex education nationwide (particularly for young people and marginalized groups), and it trains SRH professionals.

Pro Familia is very active in advocacy, pressing to improve German SRHR law and initiating international petitions to address grave infringements of women’s rights in (for example) Afghanistan. Abortion is a sensitive, divisive, and recurrent SRHR issue in Germany, and Pro Familia has worked hard to lobby for a reasoned approach to, and understanding of, the need for freedom of choice.

The organization is also involved in international co-operation. It conducted a programme development workshop with the Member Associations of the Czech and Slovak Republics, and with other Eastern European groups on challenging prescriptive opposition to human rights related to sexual health and family planning.  



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