20 March: International Day of Happiness

Muna, Antonio and Sineang

Our Member Associations around the globe help bring happiness to people every day, by allowing them to access the sexual and reproductive rights they are entitled to. This International Day of Happiness, we’re sharing just a few of the stories of those who told us they were glad to be the recipient of IPPF services.

"I’m so happy I now don’t have to worry about contraception for another 5 years" – Muna, Nepal

Muna from Nepal

Muna, now 21, got married when she was a teenager and soon had two children, a girl and a boy. She was keen to know more about her contraception options, particularly after flash flooding hit her country. IPPF Humanitarian, through the Family Planning Association of Nepal, were able to step in to help her. Read more about Muna

"I am happy about life here" – Antonio, Mozambique

Antonio, Mozambique

12-year-old Antonio moved in with his aunt after both his parents died from HIV-related illnesses. Antonio is also HIV positive, and with the help of IPPF Member Association AMODEFA, his aunt was able to tell him about it in an appropriate way, and to seek medication that best suited him. Read more about Antonio 

"I was very happy when my daughter was born" – Sineang, Cambodia

Sineang, Cambodia

After three years of marriage, garment worker Sineang had started to wonder why she hadn’t yet become pregnant. After noticing some vaginal discharge, she visited a Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia clinic to seek treatment, and for support on her journey to become a mother. Read more about Sineang