IPPF at the London Women's March 2017

IPPF is committed to securing gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, so we will be part of the Women’s March in London on 21st January.

People of all genders have the right to make free and informed decisions about their lives including their health and well-being. Women should have full control over their bodies and should have the right to choose if, when and how many children to have - this includes access to safe and legal abortion services.

With the rise of anti-progressive governments and rising populism across the globe, IPPF sees these rights being put at serious risk. We are the global movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Together, in London, in Washington, and other cities around the world, we are standing strong, ready to fight for our rights and for a respectful, inclusive, progressive world. We are proud to march with others in global solidarity.


Get in touch to join us on Saturday, 21 January at the Women’s March on London, to spread the message that we stand firm for women’s rights, for gender equality, and for sexual and reproductive health and rights. And let’s continue to show solidarity for people around the world facing injustice and those of us who are dedicated to a more equal and sustainable world.

If you can make it to central London, we would love you to march with us. Just email us at [email protected] to say you're coming, and we'll email you back with all the details! You can see more about the march on the official Women’s March website, and if you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland or can’t get to London, you can also march in Edinburgh or Belfast or join any of the other sister marches around the UK or around the world