Urgent appeal: Typhoon Haima strikes the Philippines

Infrared image of the Typhoon taken by NOOA http://www.noaa.gov/

Another dangerous tropical cyclone has emerged in the Pacific Ocean. The Typhoon Haima hit the northern part of the Philippines and considering the strength of the storm this cyclone will have had a high humanitarian impact.  

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As of reporting time, a total of 18,157 families (90,589 individuals) were evacuated. Initial reports from the Cordillera Region show that 113 houses were damaged. With the strength and extent of the destruction, it is most likely that health and birthing facilities and schools were severely affected.

In the rush to provide shelter and food in a crisis, the health and protection needs of pregnant women and young families are often overlooked. When the Typhoon struck approximately one in five women will have been pregnant.  Without access to the right health care, we expect 20 per cent of them will incur complications during the delivery. Your donation will help us save lives

Having established partnerships in 170 countries, IPPF is one of the first responders when a crisis occurs. Helping the hardest-to-reach areas, particularly women and girls, we are often the only health providers there.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation, working through the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP), is responding to this crisis. We have worked together since 1969 and in recent years we have saved countless lives following Typhoon Haikui, Bopha, Trami and Haiyan. FPOP is working closely with the local government and international relief agencies to ensure that no women or her family is left behind and put at risk during this crisis.

Nandy Senoc, FPOP’s Executive Director said “While we don’t yet know the full extent to the devastation, we are mobilizing our health workers and volunteers, to provide lifesaving services. As a volunteer organization, we are there before, during and after the crisis strikes. We are ready to respond now. For many women and girls in these affected areas, access to our essential health and protection services could mean the difference between life and death.

I would like to thank you for supporting IPPF’s work and for standing by women and girls during difficult times like this. Your generosity today will help us support more women and girls as this crisis unfolds."

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