Inside and Out: Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Assessment Tool

Comprehensive, gender-sensitive, rights-based sexuality education (CSE) is an essential component of IPPF’s youth programme strategy. 

This tool is available in English, Spanish and French.

Developed in partnership with UNESCO, IPPF’s CSE assessment tool Inside & Out enables Civil Society Organisations to assess the quality and comprehensiveness of their CSE programmes so that they can deliver high-quality rights-based CSE to adolescents and young people, especially in non-formal education settings. It includes analysis of language and messaging, programme development, educator training, interventions and national level health, demographic and social data, with a strong gender focus.  The standards are based on IPPF’s Framework for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and the content assessed relates to IPPF’s seven components of CSE including; gender, SRH and HIV, sexual rights and citizenship, pleasure, violence, diversity and relationshipsThe tool also reflects IPPF and Pop Council’s  It’s All One Curriculum.

The purpose of Inside & Out is:

  • To review and assess the comprehensiveness and quality of sexuality education programmes both inside and outside school setting (especially programmes run by civil society) based on international evidence and standards of good practice;
  • To generate data that can inform and guide the development, improvement or reform of sexuality education programmes;
  • To assess the relevance of sexuality education programmes in relation to national health, demographic and other social criteria (notably gender);
  • To inform debate and advocacy by generating data on the state of sexuality education that is understandable, easy to analyse and accessible to different audiences;
  • To provide a standardized assessment of sexuality education programmes.

Please contact IPPF’s Adolescent, Gender and Rights team for any guidance and support on using the tool at [email protected].