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Reaching the underserved in Uganda

Monica is a 25 year old mother of two. She grew up alone and dropped out of school, and she is now a sex worker in Gulu, Uganda.  She started accessing the integrated services for services like famil...

She started accessing the integrated services for services like family planning, Hepatitis B testing and counselling.  

"I like coming here, because of all the services and it's free of charge. They’re so caring, they handles us in a good way, they know how to talk to us. I’m so happy about the way I was welcomed here."


Monica, 25, a commercial sex worker, giving a blood sample during a visit to the RHU clinic in. She came for Hepatitis B testing and also to change her family planning method.
Monica, smiles after testing negative for HIV and other STIs at the RHU clinic in Gulu, Uganda.
RHU is extremely effective at reaching the most vulnerable populations including single mothers, those with disabilities and sex workers.
Monica shows the medication she has received from RHU. The ability to receive integrated services in this one stop-shop approach has positively impacted the lives of clients like Monica in Uganda.


7 November 2016



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