Gender based violence training is helping families openly discuss violence prevention

Women at the clinic

Nimal* and her family were asleep when the floods came into their house on the 27 May 2017. She and her husband took their young children to safety upstairs.

Since the floods, Nimal and her family attended the clinic set up by The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPA-SL), and received medical care and gender based violence training. This training to families enables them to openly talk about issues that can help provide a safer environment for themselves and their children.

"We were all sleeping in this house when the flood came in the night," Nimal recalls. "When we woke up we were surrounded by four feet of water in the house. Our van and bicycle were damaged. We specifically constructed this house to be flood resistant, but this flood was higher even than that level. We took the children and mattresses upstairs to be safe."

"We found out through word of mouth about the The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPA-SL) clinic. I went two to three days after the flood to the clinic, which was being held out of a temple. My children were treated there as they had a cold from the flooding. I was also treated as I kept fainting."

"I attended the training on Gender Based Violence awareness with my husband, and learnt a lot about parenting adolescents, and how to prevent domestic violence between a husband and wife. For example, by avoiding alcohol and to openly discuss our problems. It’s good to have this knowledge before my children reach adolescent age so I am prepared."

*names have been changed at the request of the interviewee