Sri Lanka

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Sex can be a very taboo subject, this is why we provide culturally sensitive workshops for parents to enable them to talk to their children about sex and sexuality.
Providing gender based violence training to families enables them to openly talk about issues that can help provide a safer environment for themselves and their children.
Just one day after the floods, the local clinic re-opened to ensure the displaced communities sexual reproductive and health needs were met.
Sudemala and her family were forced to leave all their possessions behind once the flash floods reached her home.
Flash flood in Sri Lanka affected over half a million people and natural disasters like this disproportionately affect women and girls who are at a greater risk of sexual violence.
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Incessant rains across Sri Lanka during May 2017 affected over half a million people in seven districts. Most affected was the Ratnapura district where over 20,000 people faced flash floods, and where 46 deaths were reported.
Australian aid supports IPPF's humanitarian work Burundian refugee settlements in south-western Uganda have been served by our Member Association, Reproductive Health Uganda. One of these clients said: "We have access to a range of reproductive health services along with cervical ...

SPRINT Initiative achievements

The SPRINT Initiative was designed to ad ...
The Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPASL) complements Sri Lanka’s government health services with 5,300 services points: 6 permanent facilities, 6 mobile units and thousands of community-based distributors/services (CBDs/CBSs). It focuses on reaching the most vulnerable groups in society. ...
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The priority countries in South Asia region include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Being disaster prone the region faced many natural disasters in 2014 including landslides in Afghanistan, earthquake and drought in Pakistan, and floods in Bangladesh. Millions of ...