International Women's Day 2018

Today we celebrate and highlight the passion, continued commitment and steadfast dedication of the doctors, nurses, peer educators and volunteers around the world who help deliver vital healthcare to communities in over 170 countries.
“I’m going to work forever... I like helping people, that’s why I do this job”

Albertina Machaieie

Mozambique | AMODEFA | Nurse (38 years)

Albertina Machaieie has been working with HIV patients for Amodefa for 38 years and is their longest serving nurse.

Albertina heads up Amodefa’s home care programme which provides medical, nutritional and emotional support to HIV positive patients living in the poorest suburbs of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

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“I promote the health services provided by Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia… If they are interested in going to a clinic, I give them a referral.”

Pann Chandry

Cambodia | Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia | Midwife

Pann Chandy gave her first sexual education lesson when she was still at school as a volunteer youth social worker with the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia.

Now aged 25 and in possession of a Bachelor degree in midwifery, Chandy has been employed by Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia. as part of the organisation’s health outreach team.

She regularly visits 4 karaoke parlous, 8 garment factories and 20 villages in Phnom Penh to hold sexual and reproductive healthcare classes. Often running the classes by herself.

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“I can take care of women, make them feel comfortable and safe - they trust me”

Doña Maria

Mexico | Mexfam | Volunteer (27 years)

Doña Maria has been a volunteer with Mexfam for 27 years. She grew up in a poor Mexican coastal town, and as a girl, she travelled with her mother in small boats and by foot to help women give birth safely. To date she has helped deliver more than 3,000 babies.

Today, at age 74, she continues to be there for women and youth, believing all women should have quality healthcare.

Doña Maria was one of many volunteer that continued to provide and support sexual and reproductive healthcare in her local community post Hurricane Irma and Maria.

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"People just don't understand the concept of consent. It's not just about saying 'no', consent is an enthusiastic 'yes'. It's so important that it's on the curriculum in 2019."


Brook | UK | Volunteer

Rachel is a volunteer with the UK charity, Brook, which has been actively helping shape the new relationships and sex education curriculum to be rolled out in schools in 2019.

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“When I look into the eyes of the mothers we help, I see them light up. That’s why I do this job”

Katherine Mafi

Tonga | Tonga Family Health Association (TFHA) | Programme Manager

IPPF thanks and values you, not just today, but every day.