One of our main priorities is to ensure universal access to, and informed use of effective contraception. Millions of people lack the knowledge and information to determine when or whether they have children, and they are unable to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

After marrying early, 21-year-old Muna decided that two children was what she wanted for the time being. So she approached the Family Planning Association of Nepal for help.
If you regularly use withdrawal as a contraception method, pre-ejaculate fluid is something you may want to know more about, especially if you are not planning a pregnancy or are worried about HIV and STIs.
The lives of millions of women and girls across Africa and South Asia will be transformed by new sexual and reproductive healthcare programmes led by IPPF and Marie Stopes International.
Latest report highlights that, while much progress has been made globally in upholding reproductive rights, there remains large inequalities in access and high levels of unmet needs.
Some 214 million women and girls in developing regions have an unmet need for modern contraception. While the reasons for this are multiple, cost and availability remain major barriers.
IPPF celebrates a number of important advancements in sexual and reproductive health and rights made at the event.
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Injectable contraceptives are an increasingly popular method of family planning. They are safe, discrete, highly effective, and generally last for several months.
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Emergency contraception is a safe and effective method for preventing unwanted pregnancy and can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 99%. Yet, in many countries, women face barriers to accessing it. The majority of women in low‑income countries are unaware of EC. Moreover, some providers have negative attitudes toward providing EC to women and girls

Contraception methods and how they work

Learn more about contraception with our videos, read our stories from the ground and take the contraceptive challenge!
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Watch this short animation to learn more about the contraceptive injection!