Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association

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The Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA) initiated Indonesia’s family planning movement in 1957 by setting up facilities to provide advice and services. It did so in the face of strong opposition from the government and religious leaders, but in the intervening years it has prospered and grown, and now delivers an extensive range of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services.

IPPA operates a network of 96 service outlets including 45 permanent clinics, 25 mobile facilities, 50 associated centres/organizations and 56 community-based distributors/community-based services (CBDs/CBSs).

The organization’s firm belief is that personal welfare and good health, and national prosperity are dependent to a large degree on access to SRH information and services. IPPA is particularly attuned to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups, and runs specific projects for street children, men who have sex with men, transgender men and female sex workers.



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