IPPF’s new Asia Pacific Hub officially opens

This article is available in English and Japanese.


IPPF opened its Asia Pacific Hub in Bangkok on 29 March 2017, creating the biggest sexual and reproductive health and rights organization in Asia Pacific. The IPPF Hub is comprised of the East and South East Asia and Oceania Region (ESEAOR), the South Asia Region (SAR), and the new IPPF Humanitarian Hub. It will be co-located with our national Member Association, the Planned Parenthood Association of Thailand. PPAT supports the National Family Planning Programme by organizing countrywide educational and motivational activities, and by delivering contraceptive services to special target groups/geographic areas. These include slum dwellers, the population along the Thai-Cambodia border, northern hill tribes and the Muslim community in Thailand's four southern-most provinces.

With this move IPPF is bringing its two regional offices and its new humanitarian hub closer to its international human development partners, further increasing access for IPPF’s member associations in 34 countries to high-standard and state of the art knowledge on sexual and reproductive health programming. As Bangkok is the leading hub in the Asia Pacific for regional humanitarian and development bodies and networks, location here will maximise opportunities for external collaboration and developing partnerships. It also provides IPPF with greater scope to explore collaboration with regional bodies and other international networks as well as with the Thai government.

The Asia Pacific region is home to more than half of the global population and to the poorest of the poor and least developed countries. The region is also home to highly developed countries like Japan, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. The majority of countries which are most at risk to natural and man-made disasters can be found in the region. With one master stroke, IPPF seeks to bring together the expertise from its three independent units under one roof. This will maximize the scope for ESEAOR, SAR, and the IPPF Humanitarian Hub collaboration, bringing to our beneficiaries culturally relevant, cost-effective, and gender sensitive SRHR programming.

IPPF is the largest enabler and provider of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) services and information globally. With 142 member associations and presence in 170 countries, IPPF is able to provide SRHR access to the most vulnerable and least served women, men, and youths around the world. Taking on the challenge brought about by climate change and unstable socio-political and economic conditions, IPPF further expands its coverage by addressing the SRHR needs of populations in crisis situations.