Innovation Programme

Innovation Programme in Serbia - Gender theatre production

The Innovation Programme tests new ideas and approaches to solving some of today's greatest sexual and reproductive health and rights challenges.

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Ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health in a constantly changing world requires innovative thinking. The Innovation Programme connects local expertise with global knowledge to find new and effective ways to improve people’s sexual and reproductive health.

IPPF Member Associations develop creative projects to address these challenges, and partner with independent researchers to provide evidence and rationale for their success or failure within a safe space to take managed risks and learn. Learning from innovation contributes to the evidence base and is shared widely, both internally and externally.

In Phase I, 41 initiatives were funded between 2005 and 2012. These initiatives have made important and sustainable changes to people’s lives. These focused on issues including: child marriage, people trafficking, supporting refugees, integrated services for people living with HIV, inclusion of sexual and gender diversity, and advocating for access to safe abortion services.

The current phase of the Innovation Programme is funding 11 initiatives, including mHealth interventions to increase contraceptive access for young people; access to safe post-abortion care in humanitarian crises; approaches to increase participation and access of men and boys to sexual and reproductive health; and low-cost behavioural insights interventions to improve uptake and effectiveness of comprehensive sexuality education.