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IPPF leads a locally owned, globally connected civil society movement that provides and enables services and champions sexual and reproductive health and rights for all, especially the under-served.


Two-thirds of the 1.4 billion living in extreme poverty are women.

Almost 50% of all sexual assaults are against girls 15 years old and younger. Globally, HIV is the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age.

Our Programmes - ACCESS

Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH)

Today the world is home to 1.8 billion young people under the age of 25. This is the largest generation of young people, ever, and are a vastly diverse group of individuals.

Our Programmes - Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH)

Social Enterprise Acceleration Programme

Women’s need for reproductive health care is not suspended in a humanitarian crises. One-quarter of people affected by crises are women and girls aged 15-49. In crisis settings there is a heightened risk of early marriage, sexual violence, unsafe abortions and unattended births. Transmission rates of STIs, including HIV, also increase in emergencies whilst access to normal healthcare services decreases.

Our Programmes - Social Enterprise Acceleration Programme

SPRINT: Sexual and reproductive health in crisis and post-crisis situations

Through funding from the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), our SPRINT Initiative has brought sexual and reproductive health to the humanitarian agenda, and increased the capacity of our Member Associations across the preparedness, response and recovery nexus.

Our Programmes - SPRINT: Sexual and reproductive  health in crisis and  post-crisis situations

Safe Abortion Action Fund

The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) was established in 2006, in response to the US government's Global Gag Rule, as a multi‑donor mechanism to support global abortion‑related programming.

Our Programmes - Safe Abortion Action Fund

Japan Trust Fund

Marginalized communities have the greatest need for sexual and reproductive health services and include young people, sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sexually diverse populations and prisoners.

Our Programmes - Japan Trust Fund